candice jansen water sommelier

About Candice

Water Sommelier, water enthusiast, and self-appointed water guardian, for a water-secure future.

There are so many exciting elements to water and some very serious ones too.

As a water sommelier, I live by the abbreviation FLOW, for the love of water!

For the love of water

Why water? I'm passionate about giving water value. At the epicurean table, for everyday hydration, for conservation and, for change.

In a fine dining setting,I curate world-class water menus for hotels and restaurants that want to offer their guests the most exceptional dining experience, water menus are designed to be luxurious, paired with food and wines. ​

From an everyday water perspective, water is everybody's business, and understanding what's in your water is something that everybody should understand. Education is key. 

I spend a lot of my time talking about water with people, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. 

Water conservation is something I carry close to my heart, we need to start talking about solutions to protect our water sources and understand that water doesn't come from a tap, it has a journey from a source, and water scarcity is a real issue.

Water is a human right, and yet there are billions of people across the globe that do not have access to clean safe drinking water, as a water sommelier, I draw attention to the fact that water is the most valued resource on the planet and that we, as a global community, need to find solutions to fix the problem.

"There is so much more to water than just still or sparkling."