Water Tasting Events

Will the water turn to wine afterwards? No :-)

Water Tastings are fun and informative and showcase the different tastes of water. Yes, water really has taste! During a water tasting, we explore different sources of water that taste distinctly different from one another.

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Water Tasting Event - Belmond Mount Nelson

7th May 2022 | 10:30 

Belmond Mount Nelson

Tickets available through Quicket. 


How many waters do we get to taste, and are they manipulated to taste different? 

Water has a source and a journey, which Mother Nature creates. The waters we taste are 100% natural and are crafted to perfection by nature - nothing added, nothing taken away. 

During a water tasting, we will taste between 6-8 different tasting waters.

Whats the purpose of a water tasting?

To showcase that water in fact has taste - no two sources are the same. 

We also host water tastings to give guests the opportunity to experience water and learn a thing or two. Once you realise that water has taste, that's where the journey begins in appreciating the different types of water we have - including our tap water.  You will walk away with a different application and understanding of water.

How long is the event?

Planned water tastings are usually between 60-90 min. 

Private events may vary.

Is this a fad or phase, of individuals trying to commoditise water?

Absolutely not! Water is the most valuable resource on the planet and deserves our attention. 

How can we protect and value what we do not even understand? Water is greatly undervalued and is evident by the number of people who feel "its just water". We are changing that perception of water.

Do I need a trained palate to taste water?

No, these waters taste very different from each other, and we will explain why on the day!

You do not need to be a trained sommelier of any kind to appreciate and taste water.


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